Monday, May 14, 2018

Moluccas Holiday March 2018 Part 2 - Pulau Tujuh

Our second night in Ora Beach Resort was rather freaky. It was pouring rain and gusting wind. It was so loud I couldn't really tell the difference between the rain and wind sound anymore. The doors and windows were shaking, and our eco-roof were flapping. Our neighbour's bathroom roof actually flew off! We couldn't sleep well because the noises kept waking us up. Not to mention the scare factor! At sunrise the wind was still blowing we almost cancelled our planned trip that day. Our guide suggested to check with the boatmen first because they would've known the situation better.

So we checked with our boatman and he told us that the wind was only in Ora area and it was very safe to go to Pulau Tujuh as planned. We figured they knew better so we went off. Out in the common area of the resort, the roof above a bench totally collapsed from the wind. Miss Kiki took a picture on that very bench just the day prior!

Our trip to Pulau Tujuh was pretty uneventful, just like our boatman said it would be. It took about 40 minutes to get there.  Before going on land, we stopped for some snorkelling time. The corals were nice and there were different types of fish there. The landmark they said was a single coconut tree, the only one growing on that island. 

Miss Kiki snorkelled around with our guide and DH and I went by ourselves. At one point I got really scared because I spotted a sea snake!

When we had enough snorkelling we went back on the boat to visit the island.

There were two cottages that you can rent on the island but the cleanliness is not guaranteed.

Similar to other islands we have visited before, this small island had different shades of aqua and blue. One side was cleaner, another side had junk casted by the water. Which side is cleaner apparently depends on the season and currents. It was a beautiful place, but I must say not better than the ones we visited during our trip to Karimunjawa.

We each had our play time, sand time, sun time, relaxing time, and photo time....., before we opened up our lunch that was prepared by the resort.

We then headed back to the resort because we suspected that the afternoon weather wouldn't be as friendly.

When we got back to the resort, the weather was still pretty good for a while. I sat at the dining area and Miss Kiki was entertained by one of the staff there. She wanted to try fishing with a hook and line. While fishing, they had an incident where they caught a fish and by the time they got the hook up, it was just an eye. She felt so sorry for the fish and she cried. She caught another fish and released it before she stopped fishing altogether. She was disappointed that fishing was not as friendly as the ones she saw on TV. (That's too much Nat Geo Wild for her...).

Not long after, the rainclouds arrived and it was gloomy until night time. We spent the afternoon and evening playing cards. Miss Kiki tried to make friends with a crab unsuccessfully. 

That was the end of our third day in Ora Beach Resort. Stay tuned for the next post!