Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spring in South Korea 2017 - Part 7 Seoul - End

It's been a while since my last post. Somehow it was difficult to find motivation to write this last part of the series. 

Our last day in Busan started earlier than usual, because Miss Kiki insisted on visiting the beach in the morning. Out we went at around 8 am, the streets were still very quiet. We took a cab to the beach, it took us less than 5 minutes to get there.

The beach was almost empty, a bit chilly, but it was nice. Miss Kiki had fun chasing birds there. The area was clean, the sand was white. It was lovely.

We wanted to find a coffee place by the beach but nothing was open yet. So after a while we caught a cab again and went back to the apartment. I've mentioned before that Google Maps didn't work well in Korea, so it was difficult to find some places. We decided to eat at Paris Baguette again and we finally found it a few hundred metres off from the mark on Google Maps. This location didn't have as many selections as the previous ones we went to.

Silly me, I took the tray and tongs thinking how weird it was that they didn't line the trays with paper. Not until I sat down did I see the lining papers underneath the trays. We were supposed to line them ourselves! Lol.

Our train from Busan was at 11 am. Our AirBnb host purchased it online and used his credit card, and we left cash in the apartment for him. No, we didn't see any zombies on the train. They are only found in Train to Busan. Hahahahha

Three hours later we arrived at Seoul Station. It was huuuuge and super busy. We wanted to take a taxi so we asked for directions from the info desk. She gave us an exit number but we only found staircases at that exit. That was not an option with our suitcases!

So we ended up taking a different exit with elevators, and lined up at a very long taxi queue.

Seoul Station

I booked another Airbnb apartment in Seoul in a newer building. The apartment had these cute garbage sorter I just had to take a picture.

We spent the afternoon in Myeong Dong area. Myeong Dong is a large shopping district. It was fully packed with tourists. We spotted a Hello Kitty cafe there so of course, Miss Kiki wanted to go.

We had an early dinner that day, it was a very tasty Korean BBQ. They also had a special Makgeoli there, it was berry flavoured. So yummy!

In the evening, we went to see a comic musical called JUMP. The concept is similar to Bibap Show but the theme was martial arts. The show was quite funny but I think Bibap was better... Miss Kiki really enjoyed the show though. She was giggling like a little girl throughout the show. Oh... she is a little girl... hehe

Not wanting the day to end, we continued on to Dongdaemun area after the show. Look at poor Miss Kiki. It was way past her bed time.

Look at their open hours!

The morning after, we ventured out to find breakfast nearby. We were not quite familiar with the area yet, and neither Google Maps nor Foursquare gave any result. We tried several coffee shops but they were all closed. We figured afterwards that a lot of these places weren't even open on a Sunday. We found Starbucks so we had breakfast there. We spent the rest of the day at Myeong Dong again, and had lunch at the same restaurant as the previous night. We bought a bottle of the yummy Makgeoli for souvenir.

It was time to go home! We took the airport limousine bus to go to Incheon Airport. They had bus stops all over the city. It was a great trip, especially considering that we only decided to go a couple of weeks prior to that and had very little planning. Hehehe....

This is the end of this series, thanks for reading!