Friday, May 26, 2017

Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park

Up! Up we went!

I went hiking with my friends last week. For me, it all started with a Facebook post of a scenery on Mt. Prau. I mentioned this to a group of friends and they were interested. However, an experienced friend suggested that we try an easier and closer track first. I am so glad that we agreed to that! Lol...

We started our adventure by gathering at a friend's house at 5 am. Those who know me well probably won't believe that I actually got there on time, right at 5 am when it was still dark. Hahaha... From there, we headed out to Puncak area. None of us had had breakfast, so we stopped close to Puncak Pass for breakfast. 

We arrived at Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park fairly early and started walking up. The sun was out but still low, and the hiking path was shaded by trees and plants. I had brought my sunglasses with me but didn't end up using it except in this picture.

The hike was no walk in the park, but when we started we were all fresh and energetic.

The first landmark we saw was Talaga Biru (Blue Lake).

This little lizard fell next to me when we stopped at this lake. The skin was spiky. I'm not sure if the spikes were hard or soft, but I'm not brave enough to test it. Haha...

stream of spring water

This bridge felt much, much longer on the way back.

Nice weather

Beautiful mosses all around

Different ferns, big and small

Small ferns

Fallen tree trunk

 We saw many bugs, caterpillars, butterflies, mushrooms, and more. We even met a snake on our way down. I was just too tired to take a picture of it.

Mid-way through the hike we had to make a decision whether to go up to see the hot spring water or to go down to the waterfall. We opted for the first and were glad we did because the waterfall seemed really crowded.

Up! Up we went!

It took us about two hours and a half to reach the hot spring water and it was amazing!

We didn't stay that long as the steam made it really hard to breath. We traced back down and stopped for a short break.

We continued down the path. It was a loooong way down. Never in my life was I so sad to see a downhill path. Lol. I must say, it was hard on my back and my knees. 

The walk ended a little past lunch time and we got back in the car. At that point, the 20 metre distance to the car seemed like a whole lot more! We were so hungry then, we stopped at the first decent looking restaurant we passed. Bad traffic back to Jakarta brought me home at 9 pm. If you ask me, I'd do it all over again!

Special thanks to my friends (and friend's husband :D) for the adventure, company, and guidance. XOXO

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