Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring in South Korea 2017 - Part 4 Seoul

On the third morning in Seoul, Miss Kiki was still not feeling so well. We went to the same area to look for breakfast and the cranky Miss Kiki just pointed at the first cafe she saw and said lets go eat and sit there. I think 'sit' was the keyword. Caffe Pascucci is a chain cafe and their breakfast selection was pretty sad. Nevertheless Miss Kiki chose this pizza bread for herself. Neither I nor my mom wanted any food from there, just coffee for me. The coffee was looking more promising than the previous ones we've had so far in Korea but it actually only tasted slightly better.

Miss Kiki almost finished that pizza she ordered and we hurriedly went back to the apartment to check out. As soon as we got out of the cafe she whined and stopped. Her tummy hurt, she said. Then suddenly she had a big smile on her face and proclaimed that she felt better... after releasing some gas from her stomach. Haha....

On the way back to the apartment we stopped at this flower shop for some pictures. Miss Kiki really liked these colourful bouquets.

We checked out from our apartment no problem and we left our luggages at the security office. There was a 2000 won fee per suitcase but they didn't count the backpacks that we left behind. The security ajjushi were very nice too.

We went to Artbox for a bit. Since it was already lunch time, we went back to the same BBQ restaurant we went to the night before... This time I took their business card.

After lunch, we walked to the subway station and went to Dongdaemun again. This time with a much happier baby.

We saw the Heunginjimun Gate but it was closed for renovation.

From the gate we crossed the street to Dongdaemun Seonggwak Park with Seoul City Wall on the background. It was finally a nice and warm day. Not that the temperature was much higher but the warm wind made a huge difference. 

Heunginjimun Gate viewed from the park

After spending some time in the sun at the park, we walked back towards Dongdaemun Market. At the park I started to feel this sharp pain on my left foot, near the heel. It wasn't too bad though, so I decided to ignore it.

We stopped for coffee at Ediya Coffee, another popular chain in Korea. You can find this everywhere. Still bad coffee.

Coffee and Choux

Warm day!

In front of Doota
We wrapped up our afternoon in Dongdaemun and rushed back to the apartment. Our Airbnb host was nice enough to book a taxi for us to get to the airport. She negotiated the fare for us at 33000 won for us from Insadong to Gimpo airport. I think it's a good price. Our taxi driver Mr. Park spoke English and was very nice. He was the only English speaking taxi driver we came across throughout our trip in Korea.

I had bought our tickets from Seoul to Jeju with Jeju Air. It seemed like their flights became more expensive on weekends. Since we were flying on a weekday, our tickets cost about US$ 17 each. Unbelievable! The flight was on time, and not any worse than other budget airlines that cost more.
At Gimpo Airport
That was the end of the first part of our time in Seoul. Stay tuned for the next part, a day in Jeju!