Thursday, December 22, 2016

Rumah Sutra Bogor

On our way to Highland Park Resort Bogor, we passed a house that had a "Rumah Sutra" sign on it. It caught our eyes and after consulting Google, we decided to check it out on the way back to Jakarta. When we got there the gate was closed but not locked. I decided to go inside and check it out. It turned out that they were open after all. Yay!

They charged Rp. 20.000 (less than US$2) per person for a tour and it definitely was worth more! Inside the gate was a complex of several small buildings with gardens. It was very green. They had several coffee trees that were blooming and the coffee flowers actually smelled nice.

Coffee berries

The first area we visited was a Mulberry garden. They grew Mulberry plants as food for the silk worms. Younger worms eat young leaves while adult worms eat older leaves too.

Mulberry leaves

 From there, we were guided back towards the main area and into a shed where the worms were. Originally I thought they would be yucky but it turned out to be okay.

The animal loving Miss Kiki

Sample of cocoons

 After enough petting and me saying no to Miss Kiki's request to take one home as a pet, we moved on to another shed where they spin the silk into thread and weave the thread. Indonesian silk cocoons are white in colour and it takes 6-12 cocoon thread to weave a single silk thread. Wow.

Cocoon and thread

Weaving machine

 Then I spotted this 8-legged buddy up above and Miss Kiki happened to see me point it out to my friend. It was the largest spider I have ever seen. Well the screaming and crying started and that was the end of our tour.

The lady gave the kids a cocoon each as a souvenir. It was very nice of her! 

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