Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Motykas in Asia 2015 Part 9 - Hong Kong

Early in the morning after the dinner at Arena, the Motykas and I continued our adventures to Hong Kong. They left with an earlier flght while I took a slightly later flight with transit in Brunei Darussalam. I was surprised to see how small and empty the airport was in Brunei. To make it worse, no working internet! Luckily it was only a one-hour transit.

Waiting area

Brunei Airport

Flying with Royal Brunei

In the mean time, Miss Kiki and DH stayed behind in Bali and had another leisurely day before they flew back to Jakarta that evening.

I arrived at the HK airport first (before the Motykas) so I took my time to browse around the airport including the Terminal 2 that I've never been to before. Mind you my last visit to HK was in 2005! The T2 was like a whole shopping centre by itself, and there they have a HK Disneyland Store that sells discounted items. I regret not buying anything there because it turned out that the Disney store inside the departure areas did not have any sale at all.

My sweet sister arranged a pick up for us from the airport to take us to the airport. She warned us prior to our arrival that the taxis in HK charges trunk fee if you ever use their trunk. If you are travelling by yourself or only with 2 people, then this Shuttle Service may be a good option. You can also rent a whole car from them if you are travelling in a group.

At the airport one of our friends came to meet up with us. He lives in Hong Kong now as a pilot for Cathay Pacific. We then parted ways at the airport because DM had to go straight to the dorm and our friend went with him.

I stayed at the Best Western Harbour View and the Motykas at another hotel about a block away. Check out the lobby of this hotel... we joked about it endlessly :D

View from my hotel room
The location was very good, we were able to walk up and down Centre Street for food during our stay.

Best Western

Best Western
And that was our first evening in HK. Stay tuned for part 10!

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