Friday, September 4, 2015

Pillowcase Dress

There's a new online store I found for imported fabric in Indonesia called Click and Stitch. They carry a wide variety of collections by Michael Miller, Tiger Lily, Cotton & Steel, and more. If you like fabric, you should definitely check it out!

My first purchase from them was this metallic confetti cotton from the Glitz collection by Michael Miller. I just couldn't wait to make something with it! Since I didn't feel like making a bodice, I opted for a simple pillowcase dress for Miss Kiki. It was very exciting!

Miss Kiki is a petite 6 year old, but I made a regular size dress for a 6 year old so she can wear it a bit longer. 

I started with cutting the fabric to 24"x 27" when folded in half. Before you start cutting, you need to decide which way the fabric design is going to face. For this dress, I cut it so that the confetti was at the bottom. I stitched the ends first, right sides together, with straight stitch and then zig zag to prevent fraying. You will get a tube. Then you hem the bottom. Pressing prior to hemming always give a more professional look.

Confetti tube
Then, I cut out the arm holes. To make sure they were equal, I folded the tube lengthwise and cut the armhole together. This is what you get.

With armholes
The armholes
Next, I hemmed the armhole, and stitched a tube on the front side and back side of the top part of the dress and inserted a long, 4 cm wide grosgrain ribbon through the tubes.

Make sure that you create separate casings for front and back

Tie it up and voila!