Sunday, September 6, 2015

Miss Kiki's Science Fair 2015

Today Miss Kiki had a Science Fair at her school and the parents were invited to come and see their science presentation. Her class theme was the rainforest, and they learnt about plants like Orchids, Bromelia, Heliconia, and more. We have some Heliconias at home, so I cut a couple of stems to help the class decorate their room. The children and teachers had been working on this project for a while, and Miss Kiki was very excited about it. "Come as early as you can, Mom." She told me yesterday.

The parents were invited from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. For whatever reason (I'm not really sure myself... sigh...), including traffic and lack of parking space, DH and I arrived 10 minutes late and missed her individual presentation. Miss Kiki was incredibly upset and I could see that she was holding back her tears when she saw me. Oh I just felt like the worst mother in the world!!!

Fortunately one of the other moms there quickly realized that I wasn't there during Miss Kiki's presentation and she caught some of it on her camera. I am so grateful for that!

Even though the invitation was supposed to be for 1 hour, they were actually done within half an hour. I can only imagine her disappointment! *sniff*

We got there just in time for individual pictures with the parents and their 5-day old plant. Thank God! Imagine if we had missed that too!

Being the good girl she was, after school hours I asked her if she would re-do the presentation for me and she did it wonderfully. :) Here are some pictures and videos from the actual presentation and from the after school presentation.

Singing the Plant Song

Presenting Heliconia

It was a great day at school. Here are some pictures of the class.

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