Monday, July 27, 2015

First Day of Grade 1

Today is a big day in our family!! We have a birthday and a wedding anniversary, and it is also Miss Kiki's first day of Grade 1!! We woke her up much earlier than usual because her school now starts earlier too. Miss Kiki was very nervous about going to school... though she was mostly nervous because she wants to do her best. DH also spared some time in the morning to take her to school, and my dad drove all of us there. What a lucky girl!

We took some pictures in the morning...

And we were greeted by the principal and her homeroom teacher when we arrived.

With Miss Kiki's Homeroom Teacher
We forgot to take pictures inside the classroom but luckily one of my friend took some and sent them to me...

They were dismissed early today, and the day seemed to have gone well. Miss Kiki said school was good, and her teacher said it only took her a minute to warm up and participate in class, raise her hand, and talk a lot. :D Her teacher also mentioned that she has neat hand writing.

After school we took some more pictures with friends from Ceria Montessori...